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101 Asian Debutantes Vol 1
Photos from the classic release 101 Asian debutantes Vol 1 featuring Mina Park, Chona, and Marytess. Maya Bali gets herself wett and Wild in this video exploring the Joys of Body fluids.This video is onsale in the Asiaerotica store at a specially discounted price for Asiaerotica site Members SIGN UP NOW!.

  [V] Asian Girl Magazine Online An insider's guide to the latest clubs , massage parlors and goings on in Macau. Yes I said Macau! It followed Hong Kong into communist oblivion in 1999, but the flood of beautiful girls from Northern China has everything cookin .... You can go Gamblin, and rubbin shoulders and more with the BIG Titty Chinese girls (what in the world is going on in China harmone wise?) An incomplete report but ...hell ..that just gives us an excuse to go Back!....On Site video too!
PattayaThis Week Whazaaaaap! It's HOT in Pattaya, but the spots are definately cool and the chicks willing and able. Whilst not as beautifull and remote as Koh Samui (we will eventually work our way down there if we can stop being sidetracked by all the beauties of Bangkok) Pattaya is just 2 short hours on the bus away Why go? Great Seafood! Lower Prices!... Look at the girls!... Oh and Phukett Too!
  Adventures in Hong Kong Kowloon , PRC. Damn ! I still can't get used to the idea that China is in Hong Kong! ironic isn't it? What is even more iironic is how raunch Hong Kong has gotten once under the guiding arms of the MotherLand. I got side tracked amoung the flood of girls of dubious reputation that ply their trade on and off the streets of HK. All keep in touch by mobile phone...
  Tokyo Nampa! Ambitious Japoanese guys on the make aggressively stake out their turf at Shinjuku and Shibuya stations acossting everything in their patth. So whats a "gaijin" to do? COPY THEM . I watched this angeler try to hook the bait , when he lost it I doubled back upo the stairs at Shinjuku stations South exit and Grabbed her! Of course its all on tape and in pics!!!........
  Jakarta Shorts Riots? Beheadings?.The rest of Indonesia might be up in an uproar but I get down to "the usual business" in Jakarta where the women have butts! Its just a little edgy commiting sodomy with these butts as you hear the muslim call to prayer....

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